İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi

Health, Culture and Sports Department's aim is to make the time valuable for the students by meeting nutrition, marriage, health, sports, culture and other social needs and support personal development. The Health, Culture and Sports Department is a service unit that meets the social, cultural counseling and guidance and sports needs of the students, and an application where these field applications and researches are conducted in order to support education.
  In accordance with articles 46 and 46 of Higher Education Law, Health, Culture and Sports Department is obliged to meet the social needs of the students and personnel, such as the preservation of physical and mental health, nutrition, rest and leisure, in accordance with the plans and programs established pursuant to the provisions of the Higher Education Council and University Administration; and it is also responsible for the construction and operation of canteen, cafeteria, meeting and conference rooms, sports facilities, health facilities in accordance with the general opportunities of university and budget allocation.
 Health, Culture and Sports Department aims to provide the services that will enable the students to develop their skills and personalities in a healthy way by protecting the physical and mental health of the aimed students and to allow them to acquire new areas of interest by evaluating their leisure time according to their accommodation, working, resting and related fields and providing them with care for their mental and physical health and to educate them as individuals, to bring together regular and disciplined work, rest and enjoyment habits. Istanbul Gelisim University Health, Culture and Sports Department supports the conscious student works with entrepreneurial, leading, solution oriented, imaginative projects in order to develop 'student focused' activities and to develop projects that will contribute to the social awareness of our students.
 Health, Culture and Sports Department aims that everyone being served is aware of the facilities and the activities organized, social and cultural activities, counseling and guidance services and to facilitate the vital activities of our students with disabilities and at the same time to support education and training.