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Student Clubs

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Student Clubs

These clubs are set up to enable our students to use their extracurricular time for social, cultural, artistic and personal development. All of the clubs are established to equally benefit from the facilities provided by University.
Our students develop organizational skills, communication and teamwork competencies through activities they organize in the clubs, learn by experimenting with every step of project management and develop communication networks.
Thanks to the activities they have carried out throughout the course of their study, they work in partnership with various companies and take the first steps for their future.
 What is the benefit of becoming a member of student clubs?
- Student will develop leadership skills during the organization of an event.
- Student will gain resource and process planning skills to put ideas into practice.
- Student will improve problem-solving skills when faced with flaws.
- Student will discover his/her abilities.
- Student will improve negotiation skills while establishing ideas.
- Student will organize national and international events and develop skills to work with different cultures.
- Student will gain experience and learning opportunities.
- Student will have improvement in responsibility and team work.

How Is a Student Club Established?
⇒The field of activity of the club to be established should not be similar to a previously established active club.
⇒ Applications to establish a Club are completed within four weeks from the start date of each academic year. (Do It Quick)
⇒The Student Club must present the reports of the events planned to be carried out during the semester, together with the date range, while presenting the applications.
⇒ Student certificate of each student to be in the administration of the Club must be added separately. You can obtain a Student Certificate from E-State system.
⇒ Unfortunately, second year students at Vocational School and fourth year students at Faculties / Schools cannot establish clubs or take part in the administration of clubs.
 ⇒ You can establish MAXIMUM One Student Club and be in the administration of one Student Club.
⇒ The documents required to establish the club are on the main page of the Health, Culture and Sports Department. 

NOTE: Documents must be completely filled and handed over to the Health, Culture and Sports Department.    

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